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Рюкзаки Татонка - Tatonka Rucksacks

Источник: https://www.tatonka.com

Key holder //The practical carbine echanicis suitable for all keyrings; keeps them absolutely secure and can easily be removed.

Side pockets //For everything that needs
to be close to hand while on your tour, such as tour guide, tissues, etc. Some pockets feature special integrated attachments for drink bottles.

Height-adjustable lid //The rucksack's lid
can be individually adjusted in accordance
with the volume being packed.

Light holder //To ensure good visibility
even in the dark or during bad weather,
a light source can be attached to the

Multifunctional attachment loops //
For securely attaching equipment such as an ice pick or hiking stick.

Laptop compartment // Specially padded
compartment on the inside of the rucksack
or bag; for some models this is detachable.

Hip strap //As well as the automatically
aligned form of the hip belt, the ergonomic
redirection of the "pulling direction" ensures
especially comfortable adjustment and

Multifunctional ice pick holder //
Keeps ice pick, shovel or hiking sticks close to hand. Made from rugged Hypalon

Compression straps //With adjustable
belt strap fixation for regulating the filling
volume and attaching items such as a
hiking stick.

Signal-coloured rain cover //Nicely
packaged in a hidden base compartment
in the lid compartment. Can be pulled
across the entire rucksack.

Hydration system compatible //In a
separate compartment with opening for
the drinking tube. By using the attachment
points on the left and right shoulder straps,
the end of the tube can be placed near
the mouth.

Weatherproof zip fasteners //Prevent
the penetration of moisture and dirt
through the Polyurethane (PU) coating.

Padded base //Foam insert in bags and
rucksacks that protects contents when the
bag or rucksack is put down.

Access to main compartment // Enables
quick, comfortable access to the total
content of the rucksack, either through an
attached front compartment or access
via a zip fastener.

Handles // Makes it easier to pick up and
put down the rucksack. They are optimally
positioned for carrying.

Chest strap with signal whistle // The
height-adjustable chest strap ensures that
your rucksack fits more securely; the signal
whistle can be very valuable when hiking
on difficult terrain.

Labelled first-aid compartment //Always visible and optimally placed in
order to ensure you can administer
first aid in an emergency.

Attachment option // For cords or belt
straps to attach your jacket, helmet or
other items to the rucksack. Flexible,
secure and practical.

Источник: https://www.tatonka.com